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Record Library

The record library is an online repository of thousands of city records. There are two search types available: basic and advanced. Use the basic search for very broad searches on specific words or phrases. The advanced search should be used for more detailed searching which includes record category and date ranges. Results are displayed and ordered by search relevance. Once the desired record has been located it can be downloaded.

Record Category

The search features allow you to search the entire record repository. For more specific record searching use the Advanced Search feature to search for particular record types. Here is a list of the record categories currently available in the record repository:

  • Agenda and Meeting Materials:This category contains the agenda packages and meeting material of the City Council, and various City boards, committee, commissions governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act.
  • Resolutions: This category contains resolutions passed by the Sacramento City Council, Redevelopment Agency, Housing Authority, and Financing Authority from 1921 – present.
  • Ordinances: This category contains ordinances passed by the Sacramento City Council from 1921 – present.
  • Minutes: This category contains the meeting minutes of the Sacramento City Council, and various City boards, committees, commission governed by the Ralph M. Brown Act. City Council minutes are complete from 1921 – present.
  • Budget Documents: This category contains various budget records from 1922 – present.
  • Building Permits: This category contains building permit cards from the very early 1900's -1982.

Recent Changes or Additions

R2022-0176 Establish Capital Improvement Projects and Appropriation of Funds to Various Parks Projects
Resolution , 822438K , 8/1/2022 4:57:56 PM, pdf
R2022-0234 Discretionary Grant Applications: U.S. Dept of Transportation Bridge Investment Program & Safe Streets Roads Sacramento Area Council Governments (SACOG) Revolving Match Program
Resolution , 804339K , 8/1/2022 4:28:38 PM, pdf
R2022-0237 Resolution Renewing Greater Broadway Property & Business Improvement District No. 2022-01, FY 2022 23
Resolution , 3135666K , 8/1/2022 4:12:48 PM, pdf
R2022-0245 Vacation of 50-Foot-Wide Public Road & Public Utilities Right-of-Way, Proceeding No. VAC22-0003
Resolution , 1052364K , 8/1/2022 4:06:41 PM, pdf
R2022-0248 Amend 2035 General Plan Land Use & Urban Form Diagram 920 San Juan Road (APN 250-0010-083-0000 & 250-0010-085-0000)P21-008
Resolution , 978264K , 8/1/2022 4:03:07 PM, pdf
R2022-0148 A Resolution Amending the Citywide Infill Housing Design Standards to Address Historic Districts and Landmark Parcels
Resolution , 2968606K , 8/1/2022 3:56:33 PM, pdf
R2022-0176 Establish Capital Improvement Projects and Appropriation of Funds to Various Park Projects
Resolution , 822438K , 8/1/2022 3:54:04 PM, pdf
R2022-0203 Renew Midtown Restaurant Business Improvement 2022-02, for FY 2022 23
Resolution , 4277442K , 8/1/2022 3:50:23 PM, pdf
R2022-0205 Approving 2022 Updated Railyards Finance Plan and Updated Amount for Railyards Impact Fee
Resolution , 4972374K , 8/1/2022 3:42:08 PM, pdf
R2022-0213 Senate Bill 1205 Report of Mandated Inspections
Resolution , 911196K , 8/1/2022 3:39:07 PM, pdf

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